The Ruthless Killing of the Children In Pakistan.

Published Date - January 7th, 2015

It is condemnable that Pakistan as a nation is under horrific governance and is facing a lot many terror related dilemmas. But now? The children, the soft-hearts of each individual are targeted? These rascals, the convicts of such zombie acts should not be given a capital punishments, but each and every person involved shall face the worst kind of chemical castration, and a tough example should be set to each and every heartless terrorist, that they are weak in front of the power of unity and when it comes to damaging the future of this very world they see. And if the Pakistan government is busy roaming around as a victim, then we as a nation, the US, the NATO countries should now realise, that now is the time to give a heartless, ruthless response to such barbarians, and show them what is the result when they tamper with the hearts of thousand mothers, brothers, tiny, innocent sisters of the victim children. Indian Baccha Party provides all consolable prayers as possible to those affected and May The Soul of The Poor Victims of The Incident Rest In Peace.
Paratmika Padhya
President Indian Baccha Party

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Bal Swacchta Mission

Published Date - January 6th, 2015

Bal Swacchta Mission
Indian Baccha Party welcomes the Bal Swacchta Mission as a milestone that we will make sure to aim to reach for our better tomorrow. This is a remarkable approach that our Prime Minister has taken towards our future by connecting the children to the current problems of our country. We as Indian Baccha Party, take the oath and try convince all to take the oath to keep our nation clean and work towards a better India.

Paratmika Padhya
Indian Baccha Party

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