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Sudhakar Ramnawal Mishra

16 November, 2010 15:54hrs IST
Nice page

gizelle machado

12 November, 2010 20:44hrs IST
one question of the indian bacha party what exactly is it could u give me more info about ? thank u

salma shaikh

19 July, 2010 15:42hrs IST
best of luck to IBP. i wish they could take many other issue related to the society. eg.plastic bann which actully could've done something good for the human being thank u

Kush Sharma

14 July, 2010 2305hrs IST
'Politics' has become a bad word in Indian society & act of encouraging young souls to get involved into politics is simply the best idea which can work wonders in long term. I sincerely appreciate this novel idea and extend my best wishes to the founder and members !!!

Pruthvish Thaker

05 Apr, 2010 1402hrs IST
This is the very good step taken by Ms Paratmika, I am in the favour of these party. I am always in your support to promote these party. As in these very young age we were also not got these type of any party from which we get something to know relating to politics, I Like politics and Best of Luck to your party. Please remember me if I am able to do some thing for your party.

Pruthvish Thaker

13 Feb, 2010 2001hrs IST
Mam, What is your comment on the statment "Talibans Of Untouchabillity" made by the CM of Gujrat Shree Narendra Modi.


25 Jan, 2010 1805hrs IST
India is the largest democracy of the world, the right to vote, gives power in the hands of citizens of India to ensure it’s governance of the people, by the people and for the people.



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