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India is the largest democracy of the world, the right to vote, gives power in the hands of citizens of India to ensure it’s governance of the people, by the people and for the people.

The right to vote is available to all the citizens of India of 18 years and above, they get the opportunity to elect the political leaders and support the political philosophy of their choice and thus, have a say in the nation’s governance, development and future.

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IBP President’s View

  • A Political New Year 2013 ended by creating a political history, a completely new government was formed in the capital of India, adding a new chapter in political history. The year passed faced many challenges and seen many new people rising to power. And now as we have left behind this year and entered into a new year, which happens to be an election year. Where the dyansties, political monarch...s are going to be challenged by the new political faces of India. AT this moment Indian Baccha Party wishes the citizens of India a very Happy Political New year. Indian Baccha Party joins the celebration of the democratic process this year and welcomes all, also urges the citizens to caste their vote. Paratmika Padhya President of Indian Baccha Party.
  • Aam Admi rule the state of Delhi. Indian baccha Party congratulates AAP for their amazing victory in Delhi. We hope that their entry into this field brings out a change. Paratmika Padhya President Indian Baccha Party
  • Aam Aadmi Party’s Magical entry in the political system. Indian Baccha Party congratulates Aam Aadmi Party for their spectacular unprecedented debut in the elections. In my opinion, the Aam Aadmi Party should prove them self as an effective opposition party and thereby prove their worth. If the Aam Aadmi Party proves to be an effective opposition for the next 5 years and stay united, Indian Baccha Party will provide them even more support to form the next government, only then Indian Bachha party will accept Aam Aadmi as a national Political Party, fit to run the government. Paratmika Padhya President India Baccha Party
  • Tehelka’s shame Tarun Tejpal… Tarun Tejpal the characterless editor of Tehelka magazine, a shame towards his company. This man who attempted rape on a woman who was like his daughter. This man should be jailed as soon as possible. Paratmika Padhya President Of Indian Baccha Part
  • Youth voting Percentage down.. It is a shame that our in youth is not voting. The same youth that comes out to display their rights has no care for their responsibility, then what right do they have marching out the streets demanding rights?? Paratmika Padhya President Indian Baccha Party
  • Our heart goes out in support for Shri Nambi Narayan Ji, if we think we are a democracy, then the guardians of our democracy the political parties should come out all together and ensure that the IB officers who initiated the probe and investigation are taken up on task, they cannot escape. Indian baccha party joins Shri Nambi Narayan Jis in his fight for justice. Shri Nambi sir we the children of India are proud of you and support you from the bottom of our heart. Thanks and regards. Indian Baccha Party (political party of children of India)
  • The Fight Over The Legacy…. Shri Sardar Valabbhai Patel He is the artist of India. From is vibrant personality he is a nationalist, neither a congress man or a BJP man. It is a national shame to use his hard work as a vote collecting unit. Whatever he did, he did it for his India, Our India; not collect votes for anyone. We should respect his work and not use it to collect votes, this fight over his work is a utter disappointment brought out by both sides. Paratmika Padhya President Of Indian Baccha Party
  • A happy and a safe Diwali to everyone..... Indian Baccha Party wishes all of you a happy, safe and a green Diwali. Paratmika Padhya President Indian Baccha PArty
  • Blasts Shock Up MR. Modi’s Rally The blasts show the utter lack and ignorance towards the security of the people. This elections maybe violent with words but this kind of blasts are not expected in a democracy like India, we are not Pakistan after all. This matter should be taken up seriously and strict actions are to be taken. Paratmika Padhya President Indian Baccha PArty
  • Youth Parilament Indian Baccha Party congratulates Times Now and Times Of India for the brilliant initiative of the Youth Parliament. Paratmika Padhya President Indian Baccha Party
  • “Toilets first, Temples Later” Shri Narendra Modi Indian Baccha Party supports Shri Narendra Modi on his comment on the lack of public conveniences. The government should make more toilets than temples. Thousands of temples are there and millions of people visit these temples, but there are no toilets they can use, why? The municipality of all the states should make sure there are sufficient toilets which, are maintained. This raises employment as the washrooms need to be maintained which, needs people. Jai Hind ! Paratmika Padhya President – Indian Baccha Party
  • Congratulating Shri Narendra Modi ji – PM Candidate of BJP Indian Baccha Party extends its best wishes to Shri Narendra Modi ji for being nominated as the PM Candidate of BJP. Knowing that Shri Modi ji came from a very poor and humble background; I feel the selection of Modi ji is nothing less than celebration of the vibrant democracy of India, it is only in a country like India, one can aspire to hold such high offices. This gives us the children of India hope, courage & inspiration to have political aspirations. Also we wish a very happy birthday to Shri Modi ji. Jai Hind ! Paratmika Padhya President – Indian Baccha Party
  • Welcoming Raghuram Rajan ji – RBI Governor Indian Baccha Party welcomes Shri Raghuram Rajan ji the new RBI Governor. As the Indian economy is going thru’ a difficult time, Rajan ji has a huge responsibility on his shoulders. We have great confidence in Shri Rajan ji and wish him the best. Jai Hind ! Paratmika Padhya President – Indian Baccha Party
  • Welcoming Raghuram Rajan ji – RBI Governor Indian Baccha Party welcomes Shri Raghuram Rajan ji the new RBI Governor. As the Indian economy is going thru’ a difficult time, Rajan ji has a huge responsibility on his shoulders. We have great confidence in Shri Rajan ji and wish him the best. Jai Hind ! Paratmika Padhya President – Indian Baccha Party
  • At the 66th independence day of India Indian Baccha Party wishes all the citizens of India a Happy Independence day and Azadi Mubarak. Paratmika Padhya President Indian Baccha Party
  • The suspension of Ms. Durga Shakti In India, the award for being honest is suspension. The best example for this would be the suspension of Durga Shakti, an honest IAS officer who was suspended, because she did her duty. Indian Baccha Party fully supports the IAS officer Ms. Durga Shakti. Paratmika Padhya President of Indian Baccha Party
  • Mid - Day meals or poison? Was it a midday meal or poison that claimed the lives of 23 school children in Saran district on Tuesday? Do we children mean nothing? These children have the same right as we do, then why are they feed poison that took away their innocent lives? Nobody has got the answer for this just because we are not the vote bank for those politicians. Indian Baccha Party grieves for all those innocent children who died just because they were born in a poor family. Paratmika Padhya President Of Indian Baccha Party
  • Kedarnath Natural Disaster Indian Baccha Party grieves and prays for those who lost their lives or lost some close relative of theirs. The Indian jawans are doing the best to save as many people as possible. Indian Baccha Party pleads all Indians to grant their help by donating to the PMO funds. Paratmika Padhya President Indian Baccha Party
  • ‘Sub wo Politicians kha jaate hai, kya hoga is desh ka?’ – Let’s go beyond this rhetoric. Well, we all know these lines don’t we?? That same rhetorical question, we ask when some huge scam bursts out of the news channel. We become governors off the ‘chai wala dhabha’; we have a whole parliament swelling off the local train cabins. Alas! When said ‘You can become a Politician! Wow’ all you get in the answer is ‘Do I look mad? This profession has lost all its dignity due to those corrupt and inefficient politicians who cannot govern this vast country of ours....’ Hmmm… well, that’s not right! India would be Pakistan if, all of our Politicians would be corrupt and inefficient. There are bad everywhere but so are good, no one in the world has got a crystal clear background. We all in our own ways are politicians in a country of millions and take part in governing our nation equally. Believe me all our politicians are very good just baring a few who are not. Let us have strong faith in our vibrant democracy. Let us all participate in making India the world’s best nation and thus, move on beyond this rhetoric. Jai Hind!! Paratmika Padhya President Indian Baccha Party
  • Root Cause of Maoism and Naxalism? And it’s Solution? The main cause of Maoism and Naxalism is their isolation from the society and democracy. In my opinion the entire Government machinery, the Ngos, and a committee of all political parties, including Indian Baccha Party should make up a comprehensive development plan of removing the isolation of people living in Maoist infested areas, promoting and establishing government infrastructure like courts, education, health care and family welfare all integrated. Obviously, this responsibility rests with the Home Minister, but unfortunately I guess our home ministers seem to be scared and afraid of the militant Maoists. I would like to again tell our home minister that I am not afraid of negotiating with the Maoists and therefore would request the home minister to arrange a meeting with Maoists where Indian Baccha Party will also participate. I am sure that the Maoists will also consider the development plan of the government and will also be happy with the proposal of Indian Baccha Party. Let us try this initiative. I would like to say that sometime children can also advice solutions that may work when tried. Those Militant Maoists do not wish to talk and continue their militant activities need to be urgently eliminated. Paratmika Padhya President Indian Baccha Party
  • Mr. Advani JI Just yesterday was my schools badgering ceremony and I got a responsibility of the Olive house captain from my predecessor, and soon realized that after my one year tenure I will have to pass on this duty and responsibility to the next young and capable person as a senior. Giving this very example, I would like to suggest Mr. Advani ji that even he should now pass on his duty and responsibility as a responsible leader to his junior. Paratmika Padhya President Indian Baccha Party
  • Chinese Premier Visit Indian Baccha Party welcomes the visit of the Chinese premier. We hope the Chinese Premier understand the circumstances and convinces his government to reduce their greed for more land and what belongs to India will stay India’s. Paratmika Padhya President Indian Baccha Party
  • IPL Spot fixing It’s such a shame that the Indian cricketers can betray the trust of their fans at such a level. Such cricketers and bookies should be caught and punished. Betting and spot fixing should have tougher laws so a person thinks 10 times before betting or spot fixing. Paratmika Padhya President Indian Baccha Party
  • Welcoming Nawaz Sharif Indian Baccha Party welcomes and congratulates Nawaz Sharif for his victory in the Pakistani Elections. We look forward for better relationships with Pakistani. Paratmika Padhya President of Indian Baccha Part
  • Sarabjit's brutal murder We the children of India condemn the death of Sarabjit Singh. We as the children of our Motherland warn Pakistan that you have gone through your utmost limits and a simple apology will not fill up the deep scar that your nation has dug into the hearts of many Indians. But, are also shamed that our nation could do only little to demand Late martyr Sarabjit Singh back to his motherland . The children of India also demand the 54 Indian brave hearts to be returned to their home, and we will not allow any more Sarabjits to be killed in the Pak jails. Paratmika Padhya President of Indian Baccha Party
  • The Hyderabad bomb blast. Indian Baccha Party feels sorrow and pity on what happened and also feel shame as, even though, many security measures were taken this ball of fire took over Hyderabad killing 15 people and injuring many more. We wish this act does not repeat and wish well to all the injured, also warning the attackers. Paratmika Padhya President of Indian Baccha Party
  • Complaint against Pakistan to United Nations Honorable Secretary General in UN, I, Paratmika Padhya, a 13 year old girl in India, seek your attention towards the brutal attacks done on our soldiers and civilians by Pakistan. These issues have repeated since the brutal killing of Late. Capt. Surabh Kalia to the recent butchering act of killing civilian prisoner Late. Mr. Chamel Singh. I wish to address you to bring to the notice of the world that this kind of savage act done by Pakistani soldiers, and also to make the world aware of the inhuman and degrading treatment meted out to Indian Prisoners in Pakistan . Chamel Singh a wanderer who unknowingly entered the Pakistani premises was held in the prison in Pakistan as a spy. The Pakistani police tortured and beat him up to death and then mutilated hie body by displacing his internal organs. Although my country is taking up at diplomatic levels, I do not see a solution coming out and as a result I suspect that there could be a military action which my country would be forced to take upon Pakistan. I as a global citizen who seeks peace, demand action against Pakistan for this brutal act and would appeal against Pakistan. I will also like to address to you that this act is against the world Human Rights and would seek toughest actions against these savages. I will also like quick response to this act. As a question, can a 13 year old fight against Pakistan in the international court in Hague Netherlands? Paratmika Padhya President of Indian Baccha Party Political party of children of India Mumbai India +91 9619491905 padhyap@gmail.com
  • The Hyderabad bomb blast. Indian Baccha Party feels sorrow and pity on what happened and also feel shame as, even though, many security measures were taken this ball of fire took over Hyderabad killing 15 people and injuring many more. We wish this act does not repeat and wish well to all the injured, also warning the attackers. Paratmika Padhya President of Indian Baccha Party
  • The Execution Of Afsal Guru Pranab Dada, Great job, India is proud to have to the president of India, after 11 long years the people who lost their relatives in the parliament bombing conducted by Afsal Guru will now get relief and justice as Afsal Guru was hanged yesterday in Tihar Jail, 8 at morning. Paratmika Padhya President of Indian Baccha Party
  • Happy Republic Day IBP wishes all Indians a very big HAPPY REPUBLIC DAY. Let us all wish a great year ahead for India. Paratmika Padhya Indian Baccha PArty
  • Rajnath Singh as new BJP Head We Congratulate Mr. Rajnath Singh as he is the Head of BJP. Also, let us all clap for the decision the party took to make Mr. Gaddkari resign till he not proved clean by the courts. Paratmika Padhya President Of Indian Baccha Party
  • Rahul Gandhi to be the Vice President IBP congratulates MR. Rahul Gandhi as he is now the Vice President of India, and hopes a better future as the young man holds the post of Vice president. Paratmika Padhya President Of Indian Baccha Party
  • Warning to Pakistani Army Everybody knows that the political leadership of Pakistan is completely out of power and cannot control their Pakistani army. Therefore this message is directed to General Ashfaque Kaiyani by the children of India. So, Mr. Ashfaque Kaiyani directed to you by the children of India, that this kind of a cease fire violation occurs again, where the barbaric act like beheading the head of a soldier takes place, India will be forced to crush your country to pieces, where many innocents might die, innocents who want good relationships with India and who dislike you and your army but, are forced to shut up. Also, may I remind you Mr. Ashfaque Kaiyani that this kind of barbarism can be undertaken by India to but remember India is a land of peace and humanity where people a more civilized and not savages like your army. If you still feel that you have some humanity and law in your country then show that courage and hand over the culprits undertaking this barbaric act to our soldiers and hand them over to India rather than protecting them and joining them to this act. Paratmika Padhya President Indian Baccha Party
  • Martyrs death It is a shame that our neighbor can be so cruel. Even after what happened to Late Surabh Kalia, this brutality is repeated with these martyrs, who died because of the purpose fire by Pakistan. We as IBP salute to these men who laid their lives for the nation, facing the brutality done by these cowards. We will look up to them as shahids who died saving their mother India. Paratmika Padhya President Indian Baccha Party
  • Delhi gang rape case We, Indian baccha Party, grieve for the death of Nirbhaya, wish that this kind of thing does not happen again. Paratmika Padhya President Of Indian Baccha Party
  • Honorable Supreme Court Decision I think the decision of the Hon. Supreme Court was not right as here the people of India demand justice for Nirbhaya and women and here the Hon. Supreme court is commuting a Murder, Attempt to murder and a rape case, giving the accused life imprisonment reasoning that the chap was drunk. I think the government should file a review petition in the Hon. Supreme Court to get justice for the victims. Paratmika Padhya President Indian Baccha Party
  • Gujarat Elections Indian Baccha Party requsts all citizens of Gujarat to cast their vote in the upcoming elections to their desired party, to put up a correct and strong government. Paratmika Padhya President Of Indian Baccha Party
  • Balasheb Thakerys death We, Indian Baccha Party , have lost our beloved dadaji and grieve for the great loss of our country, he was a great leader and a super confident person, a strong personality for a role model for the children of India. Paratmika Padhya President Of Indian Baccha Party
  • President Of Indian Baccha Party Hanging of Ajmal Kasab The government and the judiciary did the a complementary thing by hanging Kasab, who murdered so many and terrorized even more people and Ajmal Kasab deserved this punishment. Paratmika Padhya President Of Indian Baccha Party
  • Two Girls post It is a shame on the two girls who could shamelessly put a post like that, a great leader like this who is in hearts of lakhs of people, hurting their sentiments is not the right thing to do and the punishment applied to this mean act is perfectly right, but the vandalizing the uncle’s clinic was not the right thing done by the Shiv Sainiks to do. Paratmika Padhya President Of Indian Baccha Party
  • Indian Baccha Party congratulate the voters of Himachal Pradesh, and salute them, and with all due respect call them the real Indians Paratmika Padhya President of Indian baccha party
  • The down fall of Nitin Gadkari JI. Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall! BJP should take careful steps to elect/ select the next Chief. Paratmika Padhya President of Indian baccha party
  • India against corruption in politics. While hit and run policy is ok for the start in politics, way ahead IAC needs to have a good agenda/ manifesto to govern the vibrant nation. Paratmika Padhya President of Indian baccha party
  • Robert Vadra controversy Being the son in law of UPA chair person the ruling government, is not allowed to use his indirect position of power, in making murky land deals. Paratmika Padhya President of Indian baccha party
  • Girl Education in Pakistan Indian Baccha Party fully supports Malala in her fight for girl child education in Pakistan. Malala start a Pakistan Baccha Party to spread the awareness of her motive and democracy in Pakistan. Paratmika Padhya President of Indian baccha party
  • Indian Baccha Party welcomes Arvind Kejrival in the politiical arena and wuld look forward for the same response from Anna hazare Paratmika Padhya President of Indian baccha party
  • FDI in retailling, would be a adavantage and disadvantage as, it would bring a lot of growth to the Indian econbomy but would drive other firms out of business. Paratmika Padhya President of Indian baccha party
  • Coal-gate Scam As the President of Indian Baccha Party, I demand the resignation of the whole opposition, because if the scam was so big, that they want the resignation of the Prime minister, because they think Prime minister failed in his duties, then even the opposition failed in their duties by not being vigilant, why did the opposition wait for the scam to happen at the first place? Paratmika Padhya President of Indian baccha party
  • TO the citizens of India Happy eid. Paratmika Padhya President Indian baccha party
  • To the citizens of India, Happy 65th independence day Paratmika Padhya President,Indian Baccha Party
  • Indian Baccha Party appeals to the voters of Mira-Bhayandar to vote and join Indian Baccha Party
  • The new Home Minister Shushil Kumar Shinde sab, was a CM, power minister of Maharashtra, and there was lack of power supply, and several power cuts. If there were these lack of responsibilities of not trying to bring the energy back, what will Shusil Kumar Sab give the nation being the Home minister. Paratmika Padhya President of Indian Baccha Party
  • The President Dada 'Pranbda' we congratulate you, as a president and good luck for the future. Paratmika Padhya President Indian Baccha Party
  • Hon. Chief Justice of the Supreme court of India, We as Indian Baccha Party (political party for children) would request you to take up the case of the urine drinking punishment, even if the parents of the child are not, you as a chief Justice of the Supreme Court could therefore have a right to bring up the issue by the help of Sue Motto. Sincerely, Paratmika Padhya President of Indian Baccha Party
  • The presidential elections are coming near, the race is between Pranbda and P. Sangma. Good luck Pranbda Indian Baccha party is in full support for you. Paratmika Padhya President of Indian baccha party
  • Why is there any difference between a normal flyer and a MP, the MP does not need to be escorted by the airport master to the flight. Paratmika Padhya-President of Indian baccha party
  • Is the coal ministry sleeping??? Paratmika Padhya-President of Indian baccha party
  • Children, let’s get bag pack & ready for the next year school, while someone lucky from Shri Pranabda, Shri Sangmaji, Ms Meerakumariji, Shri Ansariji, Shri APJ Kalamji and others is getting ready for being elected the next President of India, let’s see who makes it ? our choice is Shri Pranabda. Regards -IBP
  • The rupee's value is going down, and the petrol and diesel price rise up because the dollar is rising, why not by oil from Iran and not coming under US. pressure, because Iran is accepting Indian rupee. Paratmika Padhya-President of Indian baccha party
  • Hope we get a powerful president in the next elections, Shri Pranbda is the choice of Indian Baccha Party amongst the various names in media
  • The denial of the chief minister of state Chattisgarh is a lie because at the same day when Alex Paul Menon was relased the same day two hard core maoists were relased. So, what is the chief minister trying to prove?Paratmika Padhya President of Indian baccha party
  • Anshuman Mishra he is nobody in front of the senior BJP stalwarts to say that old senior members of the party should go and let the new generation come in.Paratmika Padhya President of Indian baccha part
  • We as local India live on the railway, so we need new and fast technology, the Indian railway budget is changing after 10 years by fare new technology needs that amount of money. I as the president of Indian baccha party think that Mr. Dinesh Trvedi did not deserve to be sacked and this was all a plan made in TMC because Mr. Dinesh Trivedi was not a favorite minister of Madame Mamata Banerjee because of that Mr. Dinesh trivedi did not go in the lines if the party.Paratmika Padhya President of Indian baccha party
  • Colours of India in Holi are like the people of India when mixed its fun & enjoyment having identity of India and when not mixed they are just colours, so lets all join and mix up and make up our India the best colourful country in the world. Join India Baccha Party
  • visit http://blog.payal-unplugged.com/2012/02/i-have-right-to-my-opinion.html this article was published in The Times of West Mumbai edition of 18th Dec 2011
  • Voting day is round the corner in Mumbai, IBP reqests all the citizens eligible to vote to cast thier franchise and attend the national responsibility. Jai Hind
  • Happy New Year Members, we see ahead more members in this year. Paratmika Padhya President of Indian Baccha Party
  • UPA Playing a game on India? UPA cannot play a game on India with changing the topic and blaming the opposition. Paratmika Padhya - President IBP
  • UPA should be jailed in if they take any step against the Constitution.Paratmika Padhya President and founder member Of Indian baccha Party
  • The Times of West Mumbai on Sunday, 18th Dec 2011 page 3 is carrying a report on Paratmika Padhya - President IBP
  • 2G scam (coming back of Kanimozi) In the first place Ms. Kanimozi, Raja and company should not have been sent in the jail and waste the time of the country, they should first make up for the national loss, if they still love India they will bring back our lost money in 2G scam.
    • FDI in retail sector is a very right thing to do so not only the economy of India will grow but even the people of India will get jobs. Also quality products will be available to the consumer
    • Today is childrens day and Dr. Jawhral Nheru ji. But today is also the day when indian baccha party, today indian baccha party will complete 3 years.Today the Indian Baccha Party was formed.Paratmika - President IBP
    • The anna team is getting behind the sences these days, if they do not get a political party in support then one or another day they will have to join poiltics and infact this is a fact the anna team what they are doing right now is politics supportig a party and repeling a party. Paratmika - President IBP
    • STOP the blame game, accept the wrong doing in 2G case, take responsibility and make up for the nation loss. Paratmika - President IBP
    • Anna & team have excellent opportunity to get all the opposition political parties to agree on tabling and passing Jan LokPal bill in case they are voted to power, if they agree Anna should openly support such political party. Indian Baccha Party
    • The elections are coming near and we the children of india should tell our parents to go and vote the right party which they appreciate the most. As being a adult, and above 18 yrs a person has a right to vote the party they like, and so you all indians above 18 yrs we should vote the right person we like. Paratmika Padhya - president and founder member of  Indian Baccha Party And please vote to make a new kind of nation.
    • Let us take opportunity & also demand picture of Anna on our currency notes besides Bapuji, so when ever there is any bribe taking or giving, Anna's & Bapuji's face would remind that one should not carryon with corruption any further. Indian Baccha Party
    • British, French, Moghals, Rajas & kings all have gone post independence and corruption, criminals, terrorists and maoists have entered India, next fight is required to be against these in order to get the real freedom. lets all come together as true citizens. Indian Baccha Party
    • Children let's come and play "ghar ga ta, langdi, fugdi, goti, viti dandu, cricket, football, racing etc ...." & also let us play "Lok Sabha Rajya Sabha & Vidhan Sabha" as well, say yes to and support our democratic system. Indian Baccha Party
    • First IBP welcomes end of fast by anna ji, as a political party we would want Anna Ji and his team to support political parties like BJP who will then make the law. Indian Baccha Party
    • Its high time Yaddurappaji CM Karnataka goes out and hands over to some other member of the BJP. What is more important ? party or post ? Paratmika - president IBP
    • Hon'ble speaker of LOK SABHA should have a foot ruler in hand, like tacher to make the mp's in Discipline- Indian baccha party
    • In a city like Mumbai, security against terrorists cannot be the responsibility of Police administration alone, people have to be vigilant and should be on lookout for doubtful things around them all the time.   Indian baccha party
    • I am a small girl and i have a big suggetion that is Anna Hasarre ji should create a good party, get elected, make government and bring the lokpal to power and get the country a good goverment.Paratmika - president (IBP)
    • I think home ministry has to go back to school for learning data handling. (President Indian baccha party)
    • To Election Commission of IndiaA very small opinion from my side is, every person who wants to come in politics should have training from the election commission of India and after the training the person should join a party or make a party and stay in the party for 5 years then only stand for election so that we get good ministersFrom Paratmika Padhya President Indian Baccha Party
    • It was good to see a huge number of Indian Citizens supporting Annaji aganist corruption, it would be interesting to know how many of these very supporters went out and voted during the national elections ?
    • Politicians whom we elect to the Parliament are the ones who are responsible to make good laws like the Lok Pal Bill in a new avtar for which Anna Ji agitated, if we all vote in huge majority to party and candidates who amongst other good things for national development also strongly support laws against corruption then, no more agitations like the one we just witnessed would ever be required. (President Indian baccha party)
    • What Anna Hazare ji achived for India can be compared to the first call of freedom given by Mangal Pandey against the British raj, what followed was a huge movement leading to free Mother India from the clutches of British, now, the movement against corruption has started in true sense and looks like it will certainly lead to another huge movment to free India from the clutches of corruption.  (President Indian baccha party)
    • to the cricetors thanks for bringing the sita [world cup] back1 - Paratmika Padhya (President Indian baccha party)
    • Indian Baccha Party shall be organising Goti (Marbles), Viti Dandu (Sticks) & Bhaura (Top) games championships for Indian Baccha log all over the country starting from Mira-Bhayendar, Vasai- Virar near Mumbai during April' 2011 along with memebership drive. Those interested in organising such event in thier areas may contact Indian Baccha Party on email: nishchal@email.com - Indian baccha party
    • Shiv Sena & MNS in Maharashtra are 'body and shadow', not accepting this fact is a mirage and as time goes by, the most logical 'the union' has to happen. In the interest of Maharashtra and India, the faster this happens the better, the least expected from Shri Uddhav ji & Shri Raj ji is to give this gift to Shri Bala Saheb before it is too late. - Indian baccha party
    • Don't quite understand why the opposition party waited until the wikileaks ? If many of them got cash for votes in July 2008, what made them realise it now ? why so much trust on a outsider communication ? why did they not take the legal recourse then ? is there some hidden agenda ? - Indian baccha party
    • Indian Baccha party's heart goes out to the Children of Japan who are facing the nature's wrath, in these difficult times, we pray to lord Shiva to give the chidren of Japan all the courage to face the odds and rise up all over again for which their nation has always been ready.. - Indian baccha party
    • The exit of DMK ministers from the UPA cabinet is like the story of Vikram & Vetal, "tu bola mai chala" which means, DMK will do anything, UPA should not object, UPA objects, DMK will go. - Indian baccha party
    • The insult of Bangalore cricket fans needs to be revenged in Gandhian style, the cricket fans should not buy a single ticket for the finals, let the BCCI gift it all free ! - Indian baccha party
    • just a small message to Mrs. Sonia Gandhi ji you know what you are losing your ministers one by one - Paratmika Padhya (President Indian baccha party)
    • What about the 2g spectrum why is the case going in a truth which is hidden? - Paratmika Padhya (President Indian baccha party)
    • why are Indian students treated like dogs in America is this how our respect to America is rewarded? - Paratmika Padhya (President Indian baccha party)
    • Nuclear power project near Jetapur in Maharashtra should not be objected as Maharashtra has severe shortage of power and needs the same very badly. - Indian baccha party
    • The growing prices of onions is going to cause a big problem in the Indian society - Paratmika Padhya (President Indian baccha party)
    • Rahul Gandhi is an important leader of India as Congress party has lot of hopes on him in contributing to the growth of the party and nation and therefore, he should take some tution from some of the senior leaders of the party who would explain to him about the present day India and make him more intelligent. - Indian baccha party
    • Mr. A Raja, Don't think Raja = King you are living in a democracy not in a Monarchy. - Paratmika Padhya (President Indian baccha party)
    • Children, you guys are hope and future of India, the rest looks like "Malamal weekly" as observed by the Indian Baccha Party President.
    • The Kargil for profit scam is like the movie " Malamal Weekly" - Paratmika Padhya (President Indian baccha party)
    • Mr. a. Raja Sorry to say but just get lost now. - Paratmika Padhya (President Indian baccha party)
    • Kargil for Profit is national shame, introspection is the need of the hour, if situation like this keeps on continuing, the nation would come on the brinks of anarchy - Indian baccha party
    • Muslim leaders of India, should realise that at the time of independence , the then muslims decided to make Pakistan and the majority Hindus made India for all including the Muslims who now get food, shelter, right to practice religion and the right to vote. So, this opportunity should be used by muslims by gracefully... accepting the verdict. - Indian baccha party

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    Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high

    Where knowledge is free

    Where the world has not been broken up into fragments

    By narrow domestic walls

    Where worlds come out from the depth of truth

    Where tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection

    Where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way into the dreary desert sand of dead habit

    Where the mind is led forward by thee

    Into ever-widening thought and action into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake.

    - A poem by Rabindranath Tagore